He was born in Rome. He has lived in Potenza since 19yo. He started to attend theatre training courses in Potenza at Francesco Stabile Theatre. In 2013 he moved to Rome and in 2016 he graduated as a professional actor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts Cassiopea. In 2014 he started also his career as a dubber. In 2018 won CinemadaMare Award as Best Actor in a leading role for "Escape" directed by João Mestre. In 2019 is selected by Angelo Maggi and Claudio Sorrentino for two dubbing contests arriving either way among the finalists. In the same year, he made his debut as conductor; first for CinemadaMare Film Festival and currently for the TV show Funny Moon. In the same year, he made also his television debut in the fourth season of the soap "Il Paradiso delle Signore" airing on Rai1 (the first Italian channel).